Aquatic Control Engineering

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Early Supplier Involvement

ACE are often asked to get involved with contractors and consulatants in project infancy to aid in the successful development of a feasible and cost effective project solution.  Our staff focus on engineering a robust yet cost effective design whilst a strong environmental and fisheries team strike the balance on ecological and enviornmental impact and restoration.  It is this reputation ACE have in both academic and engineering fields that allows us to work closely with contractors and consultants in initial product phases. 

Our service package in this section can include:

- Feasibility studies

- Site surveying

- Topographical Surveys

- Design Check Services

- Specification Check Services

- Budgetary Quotation 

Our engineers are able to help your team to calculate the risks involve and to enable contractors to estimate more accurately costings for projects at tender stage. 

ACE also work closely with a number of design engineering draft teams, providing them with help and support when designing structure to house stop log assemblies, fish passage systems or other water flow control devices.

Size doesn't matter!  We strive to help in projects of all sizes, whilst working with large consultants a lot of our research projects are in conjunction with Rivers Trusts, Individual Estate Owners, National Trusts and Conservation Charities.