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Weed Boats

Aquatic Control Engineering has supplied both weed boats and weed harvesters throughout the UK and Ireland since 1995. Customers have included the Environment Agency, British Waterways and Waterways Ireland. These machines are used for watercourse management and are available in a variety of sizes with a number of different feature combinations.

This weed boat is specifically designed for cutting unwanted vegetation from waterways and their embankments. Productive yet versatile this cutting boat is best suited to small waterways and drainage ditches.

Each weed boat can be equipped specific to your needs and with over 30 years in-house experience in providing advice and product feasibility.  With over 45 years manufacturing experience this weed boat features the latest in ergonomic operator design and environmentally friendly features.

Some Primary Features and Benefits...

- Isolated Engine area providing full access to operators
- Ergonomic operator area with integrated controls
- Excellent stability
- Covered engine compartment
- Silent pack diesel-engine with keel cooling system
- Easy to service and maintain
- Operator area with anti slip flooring
- Variable forward and reverse speed control
- Anti-Weed auger drive can be rotated and tilted in all directions

Berkenheger Weed Boats - Multi-Purpose boats for Waterway Maintenance

The boats are available with a variety of interchangeable attachments including:

- Vertical and horizontal T and U shape cutter bars
- Weed cutting baskets
- Collecting forks
- Sludge pumps

Weed Boats from Aquatic Control can be customised to include a various features for improving efficiency and operator comfort, including single or double anti-tangle augers, paddle wheels, flexible or rigid canopies, silent pack engines and keel cooling. A range of wheeled or tracked amphibious versions for marshy and shallow watercourses are also available.