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Screen Cleaners

Landustrie Sneek BV, over 50 years, has supplied 30 % of the screen cleaner world-wide market, acquiring vast knowledge and expertise in this arena. 

Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd, the official Landustrie representative for the UK and Ireland, have over 30 years’ experience in the application of weed screen cleaners for the environmental and utilities sectors. 

Aquatic Control Engineering is able to provide, with Landustrie, unrivaled technical and sales support to UK and Irish customers.


Maintenance of trash screens is a major issue in many industries and automatic screen cleaning machines are a standard solution worldwide for a number of applications.  As staffing constraints and health and safety considerations adapt in the UK, automatic screen cleaners to reduce manual maintenance are now considered a critical item with their reliability and robust lifetime designs at the core of the customers decision making.

Landustrie screen cleaners were the first of their kind, patented in 1951, their high quality design has been realised through over 50 years of unrivaled design improvement.  As trash screens continue to be a common option for waterway construction, the fully automated Landustrie machine offers a number of design benefits to offer cost effective efficiency.


Landustrie mobile screen cleaners have been installed for multiple applications to deal with unwanted floating or suspended debris of any kind.  Designed for coarse filtration at screened intakes, the Landustrie screen cleaner provides a simple and effective debris removal system to a vast range of applications including:

  • Land  drainage pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Inlets to power and desalination plants
  • Storm drains
  • Industrial and refinery cooling water intakes
  • Hydro Electric Power Stations


  • Full automated Operation
  • Innovative Grab Design
  • A number of versatile configurations
  • Single Cycle Debris Removal of any screen size.
  • Absence of submerged mechanical Parts
  • Lifetime construction design reduces maintenance


When you buy a Landustrie machine you can be assured that you have purchased a product designed for longevity and reduced maintenance in mind.  Spare mechanical and hydraulic parts are standardised, cost effective and easily accessible throughout the lifetime of your screen cleaner.  A full manual and maintenance information will be provided with each installation.

More information regarding our Landustrie screen cleaners including leaflets are available by filling in our contact form or calling us today.  Online versions will soon be available.