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Windmill Pumps

Manufactured in Holland... since 1929

Our Netherlands based partners have been manufacturing Wind Pumps Since 1929; now on their fourth generation design ACE can offer high output efficiencies in sleek and easy to install modular designs.

In todays sustainable and environmental world wind pumps offer our customers an economically attractive solution by reducing costly electrical installations and removing the electricity bill.

ACE wind pumps are suitable and ideal for pumping large capacities of water at low lifts and require wind velocities of only 3m/s. The environmentally friendly wind pumps have a number of applications including;

  • Drainage of cultivated land.
  • Irrigation of cultivated land.
  • Water level control in fish ponds, salt pans and natural wetland creation

ACE windmill pumps are available in two different height options up to 7m and a range of blade sizes options which are recommended to your needs by our engineer.  ACE have a specialist pumping engineer at hand to provide the most appropriate solution for all sites.  We have a close working relationship with our manufacturer for bespoke design development.

Product Benefit Overview:

1. Long operational life and low maintainance costs due to the centrifugal pump design

2. Simple modular construction

3. Automatic adjustable level control

4. No electricity bills

5. Environmentally Friendly Construction and installation

The pre-fabricated concrete foundation block houses all the windmill pump equipment in a very simple enclosure.  For more information please download and view our wind pump brochure below and some of our recent project profiles of windmill pump installations. 

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