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WaBack Chamber

WaBack is a tried and tested solution to a wide range of flooding problems. The chamber has been on the market since the late 80’s and has been installed in many European countries.Long term use studies reveal that WaBack requires no more maintenancethan an ordinary inspection manhole. WaBack acts as a normal inspection manhole during periods of normal operation. The unique construction means that the WaBack is not sensitive to polluted water and can be installed in both sewage and storm water pipelines.Flood water is often heavily polluted. Given this factor WaBack is a safe choice. The chamber is constructed for heavily polluted sewage water and differs from others on the market in a few important points. One main advantage is that the pipe is completely open for flow during normal operation which minimises the risk for interruptions in operation and the need for maintenance.    

WaBack is CE approved and is continually tested according to the current norms.

The fact that the WaBack operates as both a backwater stop and an inspection manhole has many advantages. One of those advantages is the lower installation costs. Installing a WaBack is an ‘all-in-one’ installation, eliminating the need to install a seperate inspection manhole.