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Radial gates

ACE in partnership with Jansen Venneboer are now please to be able to offer a complete Radial gate design, build and install package. This joint partnership allows ACE customers access to Jansen Venneboer 100 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of large scale flood defence equipment

The Radial gate (also known as the Tainter gate) is an effective way of controlling flow in a water system and is ideally suited situations were a larger door is required and the pressure is in a single direction. They are particularly used on the spillway of large dams for controlling the top water level.

A Radial gate door follows a set arc supported frame. The pressure is transferred down the trunnion arms to a central point. The curved surface mains the pressure is always perpendicular to the trunnion arm giving the Radial gate a great deal of strength.

The Radial Gates major selling point is its low friction due to is small number of moving parts. This allows a comparative low operated load for a large door. This effect is increased by the force of the water passing under the curved surface of the door