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Our penstocks are available in various forms and are used across the UK in surface, sewer and process water systems. We offer a range of standard penstocks that are available in the UK for immediate dispatch along with larger standard types that can be dispatched very quickly from our manufacturers.

As well as offering our standard range we pride ourselves in being able to offer a solution to suit any problem. Working in close partner ship with our manufacturers, KWT in the Netherlands, we can offer bespoke solutions based on our customers specific requirements.

We offer several different types of penstocks each of which is explained in more detail below, should you require more detailed information the data sheets below will provide everything you need.

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KSA-MD (Medium Duty) - 5MwC of water pressure, on and off seating

This is our tried and tested standard penstock and the basis of the rest of the range. It is a long standing product from KWT and continues to be a very popular product for the majority of applications. It is available in a number of mounting options which are covered in more detail on the data sheet below.

Manufactured in stainless steel 316L and HDPE as standard they are available with different opening types and benefit from being virtually maintenance free.

KSA-HD (Heavy Duty) - 10MwC of water pressure, on and off seating

Based on the above MD version, the KSA-HD is designed for larger, heavy duty applications and is suitable for on and off seating pressures of 10Mwc as standard. Due to the increased strength the KSA-HD is suitable for process, tidal and emergency applications. As with the medium duty version this range is available in a number of mounting option which are detailed on the data sheet.

Benefiting from the use of stainless steel 316L and HDPE these penstocks are virtually maintenance free, offer excellent sealing properties and are very compact in construction.

KLSA (Inline) - 10MwC of water pressure, on and off seating

Again based on the above standard KSA-MD, the KLSA has been designed by KWT as an inline isolation penstock for use within pipe systems. It can be used for both surface and underground applications and has excellent properties for use with aggressive media due to the high chemical resistance of the materials used in manufacture.Available in both pipe and flange mount options the KLSA is again virtually maintenance free as well as being, lightweight, robust and easy to install.