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Auto Level Regulation

Automatic Level Regulation

The auto feed sluice is an ideal way of maintaining a suitable water level in an irrigation ditch without the need for regular human intervention or electricity.

The 'auto feed sluice' (as it is also known) incorporates two chambers, a control chamber and a flow chamber. The control chamber has a small feed pipe which allows water in from the water level to be maintained (the carrier level). Within this chamber is a float system, which adjusts as the carrier level changes. The float is connected to a valve within the flow chamber, which opens as the carrier level drops, then closes as the carrier level reaches the required height. The float can be adjusted to allow various heights to be maintained, using a standard T-key.

The unit can be installed in various ways:

  • To a headwall structure
  • In-line between two pipes
  • Buried in the ground (this reduces the chance of freezing up)
  • Fitted to sheet piles
  • Supplied with JKH pre-cast concrete units