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HDPE Eel and Elver Passes

Aquatic Control Engineering are market leaders in the design, supply and manufacture of technical Fish and Elver Pass solutions in the UK. With national frameworks, a number of successful projects and a wealth of monitoring, research and development through Environmental bodies and Universities. Our reputation in this market is balancing the need for fish migration whilst maintaining important coastal and catchment flood defences over a range of customers from Rivers Trusts to Utilities companies.

Elver Passes
With the new Water Framework Directive and EU Eel Regulations in place, the focus is to reverse the sharp decline in eel and elver numbers in European seas. ACE offer a comprehensive service package for both new projects and a suite of Elver and Eel pass products suitable for retro-fitting and refurbishment of existing structures. With hundreds of installations complete design and manufacture of a pass is quick, cost effective and is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the EU Eel Regulations.

ACE has a range of modular Eel and Elver pass systems available on the market, now on our second generation design we are able to offer sustainable HDPE channels which reduce theft potential. For certain situations, Aluminum, Stainless steel channels are also available.
To further aid the passage of Elvers and Eels through the bypass system, ACE can provide a pump system to provide a constant flow of water inside the channel. The water is distributed over the Elver brush at the highest point of the system. Water can then flow down both sides of the system, water flowing downstream acts as an attraction to Eels and Elvers, water flowing upstream flushes the Eels and Elvers into the upstream watercourse.

Elver Brush
All of our modular elver pass systems come with brush pre-installed. However the density and layout of the brush can be specified at the time of ordering. ACE standard densities are 20mm x 20mm and 30mm x 30mm. The ACE modular system has duel density as standard. Elver brush is also available in standard and bespoke sizes without the modular system.

ACE is also able to offer flexible elver substrate enabling cost effective solutions on low flow weirs.

Additional Eel and Elver Pass Media
ACE can also offer IP68 rated infra-red camera units and DVR recording hardware to aid in monitoring of your Elver pass. Solar packages are also available.
With many years’ experience of working with the Environment Agency and as national framework contractor, we guarantee the best possible solutions for each and every specific enquiry.