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Fish Friendly HDPE Flap Valves

Fish & Eel friendly flap valves are available in three different designs:-

Pet Flap/Tidal Flap Valves
Pet/Tidal flapvalves can be easily retro-fitted to existing structures or incorporated into new ones. The design is based on our standard HDPE flapvalve. These fish friendly flap valves are bottom opening and are set at a slight angle to maintain a good seal. The flap slowly closes as the tide rises and pulls the flap shut using the float. The system allows for a greater period of time where the flap is open and submerged, thus giving fish and eels more time to pass through the structure.

Reset float system
This system is designed to work on tidal applications only as it is both activated and reset by the tide cycle. The unique feature of the system is that it can be adjusted on site without the need for removal giving the user infinite control over the time the flap valve stays open.

Side Hung/Opening Doors
Due to the fact that HDPE floats in water the idea behind the design is keeping the flap gates open as long as possible whilst the head difference on both sides of the structure are level. This means the doors offer no restriction when open. The doors are mounted on an angle so with no water present they will naturally hang open.If the water rises on the outside of the doors, they will close stopping water from passing through.

All our Fish Friendly Flap Valves have been tested and designed in conjunction with Southampton University, with over 100 installations in the last two years with no losses and failures it is clear that ACE have a robust and reliable fish product. 

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