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Fish Friendly Axial Pump

 Winner of the Aquatech Innovation Award 2011

In the UK a large number of pumping stations protect commercial properties and thousands of homes from flooding every year.  Whilst providing great economical benefit, these axial pumps often attribute to high fish mortality rates for fish and eel populations in local catchments

Eel (currently an endangered species) often have to pass these pumping stations twice during their life cycle as the migrate upstream to mature and once again as they swim back out to sea.  It’s not just migratory fish such as Salmon, Trout and eel which are destroyed by pumping stations but coarse fish are often found sheltering in the pump enclosures and are caught victim when the pumps begin to operate.

The Fish Friendly axial pump has been developed in order to provide an economically and ecologically viable solution.

Unique Design and Operational Features of our Fish Friendly Axail Pump

- Shape adjustment to rotor and it's vanes to prevent damage to fish and eel passing through

- Spacing adjustment between rotor levels to allow adequate space for fish and eel to pass through the axial pump

- Spacing of vanes propels water and fish away from the walls to the centre of the pump

- Impeller can be installed within existing pump enclosures and retrofitted in a number of pumping stations

These unique design features allow the Fish Friendly Axial Pump to significantly reduce fish mortality whist maintaining and improving pump efficiency and cost effectiveness

Fish Friendly and Efficiency Testing

Recent tests of the Fish Friendly Axial Pump, supervised by VisAdvies BV, illustrated 100% successful eel passage and 97% fish friendly passage through this pump.  These tests were carried out with wild fish in a range of sizes including bream up to 50cm and eel up to 82cm.

During efficiency tests the Fish Friendly Axial Pump exceeded expectations and comfortably delivers efficiencies above 80%.

*Tests were carried out at a 1m lift, 333 RPM, 81.1m³/m with an 800mm diameter fish friendly axial pump


Watch this Space...our suppliers are developing an axial turbine based on the same principles