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Archimedean Turbine and Pump

Revisiting the traditional Archimedean screw turbine design, ACE supply a leading edge product which addresses safe fish passage whilst increasing efficiency of output at low flows

The Key features of our turbines are:

Unique Leading Edge

ACE Archimedean Hydro Turbines unique leading edge has been designed specifically to ease the passage of debris and prevent damage to fish. This unique leading edge also gives a smooth and silent inflow and outflow of water, making fish less reluctant to enter and use the screw for

Vinyl Ester based Composite

The use of composites means the turbine can be manufactured in a single solid structure, stiffening the screw.  This significantly reduces failure and stress points commonly found over time in more traditional styles. This additional strength also allows the structure to be freestanding and hold the weight of an enclosure drum.

Rotating Drum

The ACE Archimedean Hydro Turbine has vanes/helical blades enclosed within a rotating drum. This rotating drum allows for higher turbine efficiency whilst simultaneously decreasing fish mortality

Optimises Efficiency

There is no path for water loss during abstraction because of the enclosed drum, thereby increasing energy production.  A conventional screw pump sits in a trough, the trough is stationary and the screw rotates within this system creating areas which can damage fish during passage and increases friction/resistance thereby decreases the efficiency.

No Fish Mortality

The rotating drum provides an ideal solution; it removes any areas in which the fish can become trapped or damaged, a distinct advantage for locations where safe fish passage is required.

Innovative Adjustable Frame

The rotating drum also allows for the Hydro Turbine to be situated on an adjustable frame. The adjustable frame allows the Hydro Turbine to track variation in water head allowing the Hydro Turbine greater periods of efficiency in variable flows.


The ACE Archimedean Hydro Turbine has an extremely effective sealing arrangement using specially designed water lubricated seals. These are proven to be extremely durable and completely water tight.

Adjustable Rotation Speed

The rotation speed of the hydro turbine can be adjusted to suit the flow and keep the hydro turbine at maximum efficiency. The University of Delft calculations placed the hydro turbine at 80-85% achievable efficiency.

One Archimedean screw; Two Applications

The ACE Archimedean Hydro Turbine can also be used as an effective and efficient water pump. To change from Hydro Turbine to Archimedean Pump functions the adjustable frame is raised so the bottom of the drum is just above the water line. The drum is then rotated the opposite direction using a direct drive engine which normally functions as the generator in turbine mode.