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Our Partners

One reason that ACE can offer such a diverse range of products and expertise is partnership with our suppliers. ACE is the UK distributor for many of the biggest names from the water industry from across Europe. This gives ACE access to a unique range of products backed up by a level of expertise that is unrivalled

KWT Group logo - supplier of HPDE Flapvalves and Penstocks


Founded in 1989, KWT International is the distribution branch for KWT’s solutions in the field of global quantitative water management systems. Its focus is on systems for aquatic flow control used in surface water management (from river flood control to hydropower dams), as well as providing sluice gates, penstocks, gate valves, tilting weirs and non-return valves to civil (STP and WWTP) contractors all over the globe.

In their home country, The Netherlands, KWT is the innovative leader when penstocks, tilting weirs and flap valves are involved,  thanks to its consistent product quality and creative designs.

ACE  have been proud to partner KWT for 20 years taking the use of HDPE in water control from a new concept to an industry best practice. ACE and KWT have worked together to deliver some of the UKs biggest and most challenging water flow control projects.

Jansen Venneboer logo - supplier of Lock gates and Radial Gates

Jansen Venneboer

Jansen Venneboer has over 100 years’ experience with a project portfolio spanning the globe. In the Netherlands they are recognised as the power house in heavy engineering for the water sector with experience in the design and supply of radial gates, lock gates and bridges.

ACEs collaboration with Jansen Venneboer brings this level of heavy engineering experience to the UK for the first time, allowing our customers to utilise Jansen Venneboer’s  knowledge base and product range with the ACE engineering service.

Fish Flow innovations logo

Fish Flow Innovations

Fish Flow Innovations develop and build innovative fish migration facilities along with protection systems. Our mission is to contribute to solve migration barriers for fish and prevent damage to fish through our tailor-made products.

Fish Flow Innovations designed and manufactured the first fish friendly pumps and still hold the European patent to the ingeniously designed impeller. In 2012 ACE installed the UKs first siphon fish pass, an innovation that allows passage between two water courses without compromising the flow control.

Wapro logo - supplier of the WaStop Check Valve


Sweden based Wapro are the market leader in products to prevent backflow in water supply systems, sewer and sanitation.  Their unique product range has proven to be a hit with both contractors and end users.

ACE is the UK distributor for Wapro and has pioneered the use of WaStop inline check valve in the UK. To date ACE have sold hundreds of Wastop valves to a variety of customers with diverse needs.

Landustrie Logo - suppliers of weed screen cleaners and trash screen cleaners


With more than a century of world-wide experience Landustrie has become a leading player in the field of wastewater management and their basis was laid around 1913. The company was active in the agricultural market sector and involved with Polder Drainage at an early stage.

ACE are pleased to supply Landustrie trash screen cleaners and weed screen cleaners. These are widely recognised as the industry leaders, offering unrivalled versatility. ACE has many years’ experience in the configuration and installation of Landustrie trash screen cleaners

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis logo - supplier of fish friendly pumps

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis

Pentair was established over 150 years ago and is now a well-respected multinational business working in all areas of water flow management. A key area of the business is the supply and installation of large capacity drainage pumps. Pentair manufactures highly engineered systems to move up to one million gallons of floodwater per minute. Pentair's pump installations range from small municipalities, to the world’s largest pumping station keeping the city of New Orleans dry. Key solutions include vertical turbine, axial, Fish Friendly and mixed-flow propeller pumps.   ACE is proud to include Pentair Fish Friendly pumps as part of our fish migration range.


Berky logo


Berkenheger GmbH was founded in 1964 with the vision of revolutionizing the maintenance of small drains through mechanization, many of which where still maintained by hand.

Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd represent Berkenheger (also known as Berky) since 1995. ACE have supplied many weed-boats and weed-harvesters across the UK along with some more specialized bespoke machines.

The Berkenheger machinery range stretches beyond weed boats to include a variety of bank maintenance equipment from versatile long reach vehicles to tree cutters.